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Understanding Efficiency Ratings Hot Water Systems
Understanding Efficiency Ratings for Hot Water Systems

Hot water system efficiency ratings can be confusing. This guide explains energy star ratings, compares electric, gas and solar systems and provides tips for choosing the most efficient hot water system for your home with up to 95% efficiency savings.

Choose Relining Contractor
How To Choose The Best Relining Contractor

Choosing the right relining contractor is crucial to ensure your pipes are properly repaired. Factors like experience, reviews, materials used and warranties offered should guide your decision. Getting quotes from multiple companies allows comparison.

Manage Water Leak Home
How to Manage a Water Leak in Your Home

Checking taps, pipes and water meter regularly helps find leaks early. Locate water supply valve and turn off to stop more water damage. Call a licensed plumber to inspect burst pipes and make repairs before the problem worsens.

Clear Blocked Drain
How To Clear A Blocked Outside Drain

A blocked outside drain is a common issue that can often be cleared at home without an expert. Try using a drain snake, boiling water, or baking soda and vinegar solution first. For professional help, call the blocked drain specialists at Penrith Plumbing.

Consequences ignoring minor plumbing issues
Consequences of ignoring minor plumbing issues

Ignoring even small plumbing issues like leaks, clogs or drips can lead to big problems over time, including mold growth, property damage from water leaks, higher utility bills, foul odours and more. Call Penrith Plumbing today to prevent minor issues from turning into plumbing emergencies.

Unclog Drain Minutes
Unclog Any Drain In Minutes

Remove stubborn hair and food clogs from bathroom sinks, showers or kitchen pipes fast by using simple DIY methods with boiling water, baking soda, salt and a plunger. Unblock and clear your drain safely without caustic chemicals in minutes instead of waiting hours for a plumber.

Clean Gas Stove?
How Do I Clean a Gas Stove?

Cleaning a gas stove can seem daunting with baked-on grease and food residue. An effective homemade cleaner is equal parts vinegar and baking soda mixed into a paste. Apply to cool burners and let sit before scrubbing. For professional gas stove cleaning, call the experts at Penrith Plumbing.

Construction Debris Blocking Drains?
Construction Debris Blocking Your Drains?

Drain blockages can be caused by various construction debris like concrete, soil, pebbles, and other materials. If your drain is blocked by construction debris, call the expert drain cleaners at Penrith Plumbing to safely clear the clog and prevent future blockages.

5 Ways Unblock Shower Drain Fast
5 Ways to Unblock Your Shower Drain Fast

A clogged shower drain is frustrating, but can often be cleared easily without chemicals. Just boil water, use a plunger, or mix baking soda and vinegar to break up the clog naturally. Let it sit before rinsing with hot water. Unblocking a shower drain can take only 5 minutes.

Toilet Making Noise & Fix
Why Is My Toilet Making Noise & How To Fix

A noisy toilet that continues refilling or makes noises like hissing or whistling has an issue like a faulty fill valve. Getting a plumber to replace parts or fix clogged pipes will stop the noise.

’ Involved Gas Meter Upgrade?
What’s Involved in a Gas Meter Upgrade?

Upgrading your gas meter is a free service to ensure accurate billing and safety. The process involves turning off your gas supply for 15 minutes while a technician replaces your old meter. Contact our team to arrange a simple gas meter upgrade at your property today.

Test Gas Leaks Home
How to Test for Gas Leaks at Home

Checking for gas leaks regularly prevents fires and keeps your family safe. Easy DIY methods like a soapy water test make it simple to detect leaks fast. Just mix dish soap and water and apply. Bubbles indicate a leak. Act quickly if found and contact a professional plumber for repair.

Tree Roots Blocked Drains
How Tree Roots Cause Blocked Drains

Tree roots become a major problem when they invade and block plumbing pipes. They can slowly penetrate into pipes through cracks and joints, causing extensive damage over time. Common signs of tree roots in pipes include slow-draining water, gurgling sounds, sewage backups and bad odors.

Identify Fix Leaking Hot Water System
How to Identify and Fix a Leaking Hot Water System

If you notice water leaking from your hot water system, don’t panic. First turn off the water and power supply. Then inspect the tank, pipes and valves to locate the source of the leak. If needed, call a licensed plumber to repair the hot water system and stop the leak.

Hot Water Systems Regular Servicing?
Do Hot Water Systems Need Regular Servicing?

Like any appliance, hot water systems require regular professional servicing every 2 years to prevent problems, ensure maximum efficiency and extend lifespan. Book your hot water unit service with our licensed technicians today.

Sustainable gas solutions greener future
Sustainable gas solutions for a greener future

Renewable and sustainable gas solutions like biogas and biomethane can help reduce emissions and enable the transition to 100% renewable energy. Let’s work together to build a greener future.

Water saving tips plumbing emergencies
Water saving tips for plumbing emergencies

Dealing with a plumbing emergency? Learn some easy water conservation tips like fixing leaky taps, taking shorter showers and installing water-efficient appliances.

Turn Gas Supply
How To Turn Off Your Gas Supply

If there’s a gas leak or other emergency, you’ll need to locate the gas shut-off valve by your meter outside. Use a wrench to carefully turn the handle a quarter turn until it’s perpendicular to the pipe. This stops gas flowing into your home.

’ Trenchless Relining?
What’s Trenchless Relining?

Trenchless relining is a no-dig repair method for damaged pipes. It involves installing a new pipe liner inside the old pipe to seal cracks and restore flow. Key benefits over traditional pipe replacement include no excavation or disruption, faster repairs, and cost savings.

Essential Gas Fitting Tools & Equipment
Essential Gas Fitting Tools & Equipment

Professional gas fitters rely on specialized tools like pipe wrenches, tubing cutters, manometers and more. Proper equipment ensures gas systems are installed and maintained safely.

Pipe Relining Essential Plumbing Upgrade Option?
Is Pipe Relining an Essential Plumbing Upgrade Option?

Pipe relining allows plumbers to repair cracked, leaking pipes without digging, making it an affordable, convenient upgrade. It extends pipe lifespan using a durable epoxy lining. As pipes age, relining prevents leaks, improves water flow and avoids pipe replacement costs.

Emergency Steps Burst Pipes
Emergency Steps for Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that requires fast action to prevent water damage and flooding. Priority steps are shutting off the water supply, removing valuables, and calling a professional plumber right away for repairs.

Smell Gas House?
What Should I Do If I Smell Gas In My House?

If you detect a rotten egg smell in your home, it likely indicates a dangerous gas leak. Leave immediately, don’t use electronics, open windows, turn off the gas supply, and call emergency services from outside to avoid explosion risks.

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